Dr. Olcay Sert


Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics

Olcay Sert is an assistant professor of Applied Linguistics, currently working at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Language Education. He is an associate editor of Classroom Discourse (Routledge) and is the author of “Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse“, published by Edinburgh University Press. He teaches an MA/PhD course entitled “Conversation Analysis and Foreign Language Education” in addition to BA level courses including “Instructional Technology and Materials Design”, “Oral Communication Skills”, and “Research Methods”.  His main research approach is Conversation Analysis and deals primarily with classroom discourse, interactional competence, language teacher education and medical education. He is currently working on two classroom databases and a medical interaction database. He is supervising PhD students working on online L2 interactions (Ufuk Balaman), interactions in science classrooms (Gökhan Kaya), and English as a medium of instruction in higher education settings (Derya Duran).

Selected publications: 

Sert, O. (2015). Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. [Click to view]

Sert, O. and Jacknick, C. (2015). Student Smiles and the Negotiation of Epistemics in L2 Classrooms. Journal of Pragmatics. 77(1), 97-112.  [Click to view]

Ziegler, G., Durus, N., Sert, O. and Family, N. (2015). Analysing ELT in the European Arena: Multilingual Practices. In C.J. Jenks and P. Seedhouse (eds.). International Perspectives on ELT Classroom Interaction. Palgrave MacMillan. [Click to view]

Ziegler, G., Durus, N. & Sert, O. (2013). Plurilingual Repertoires in the ESL Classroom: The Case of the European School. TESOL Quarterly. 47(3), 643-650. [Click to view]

Sert, O. (2013). Epistemic Status Check as an Interactional Phenomenon in Instructed Learning Settings. Journal of Pragmatics. 45(1), 13-28. [Click to view]

Sert, O. & Walsh, S. (2013). The Interactional Management of Claims of Insufficient Knowledge in English Language Classrooms. Language and Education. 27(6), 542-565. [Click to view]




Dr. Safinaz Büyükgüzel


Safinaz Büyükgüzel is a Research Assistant at Hacettepe University in FLT Department and a (cotutelle) PhD student at Hacettepe University and University of Lausanne. Her research focuses on the analysis of interaction in institutional context  particularly on the micro-organisation of media talk and political interaction.She currently works on her PhD dissertation on avoidance strategies in political interviews co-supervised by Ece KORKUT and Marcel BURGER.

Büyükgüzel, S. (2011). “Modalité et subjectivité : regard et positionnement du locuteur”. Synergie Turquie No: 4, Revue Du Gerflýnt, Sylvains Lesmoulins-France, [131-143]



Dr. Ufuk Balaman


Ufuk Balaman works as a research assistant in English Language Teaching at Hacettepe University, Turkey. His doctoral work focuses on conversation analysis for online multiparty task-oriented interaction.

PhD Dissertation:

Balaman, U. (2016). A Conversation Analytic Study on the Development of L2 Interactional Competence in an Online Environment

Forthcoming Publications:

Balaman, U. & Sert, O. (in press). The Coordination of Online L2 Interaction and Orientations to Task Interface for Epistemic Progression. Journal of Pragmatics.

Sert, O. & Balaman, U. (in review). Orientations to Negotiated Language and Task Rules in Online L2 Interaction. ReCALL.





Nilüfer Can Daşkın


Nilüfer Can-Daşkın is a Research Assisstant at Hacettepe University ELT Department and a PhD student at Middle East Technical University, ELT Department. Her fields of interest include classroom research and conversation analysis, teacher education and phraseology.

Selected publications: 

Can, H. & Can, N. (2010). The inner self desires a friendly chat: Chat metaphors in Turkish and English. Metaphor and Symbol, 25(1), 34-55.

Can Daşkın, N. (2015). Shaping learner contributions in an EFL classroom: Implications for L2 classroom interactional competence. Classroom Discourse, 6(1), 33-56,  DOI: 10.1080/19463014.2014.911699.

Khan, Ö., & Can Daşkın, N. (2014). “You reap what you sow”- Idioms in materials designed by EFL teacher-trainees. Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language, 8(2), 97-118.


TÜBİTAK 1002 Hızlı Destek Projesi (2014- in progress)- Patterns for Shaping Learner Contributions in an English Classroom as Part of Classroom Interactional Competence. Project No: 114K616



Merve Bozbıyık


Merve Bozbıyık is a Research Assistant at Ufuk University ELT Department and an MA student at Gazi University, ELT Department. She also works as a researcher in VEO EUROPA project. She graduated from Hacettepe University ELT Department. Her post graduate work focuses on conversation analysis and classroom interaction. Her fields of interest include classroom research and conversation analysis, language teacher education, and medical education.

Selected publications: 

Akpinar K.D. and Bozbiyik, M. (forthcoming). Discourse Markers in Task-Based University Lecture. Paper to be presented at GLOBELT2016 Conference, Antalya, TURKEY.

Sert, O., Bozbiyik, M., Elçin, M. and Turan, S. (forthcoming). Securing patient privacy in possible cases of domestic violence in simulated patient encounters. Paper to be presented at the 5th Conference on Conversation Analysis & Clinical Encounters (CACE), Loughborough University UK.

Sert, O., Bozbiyik, M., Elçin, M. and Turan, S. (2015). Displaying Prior Knowledge and Emergent Interactional Troubles in Standardized Patient‐Medical Student Interaction. Language and Literature Journal, 12 (2).



Dr. Hatice Ergül


My area of expertise with regard to both teaching and research is spoken interaction and language in use, particularly as it pertains to organization of everyday talk, as well as second language teaching, learning and use. I also have experience of teaching and researching in the area of teaching English to young learners. My research approach is micro-analytic in nature, and informed by the methodologies of conversation analysis (CA) and membership categorization analysis (MCA).


Ergul, H. (in preparation) Adjournments during TV watching: A closer look into the organisation of continuing states of incipient talk. 

Ergul, H. (in preparation) Sequential organisation of assessments during social TV watching.

Brandt, A. and H. Ergul (2012) Making sense of nonfocused interactions: Noticings and assessments among Turkish women watching TV. In Ikeda, K. and Brandt, A. (eds),Challenges and New Directions in the Micro-analysis of Social Interaction. Kansai University International Symposium Proceedings.

Ergul, H. (2010) Interaction, Gender and Cultural Expectations in a Turkish Marriage TV Show, ARECLS. 


Newcastle University, 2014: Discourses of Nationality, Citizenship and Migration on British Television Political Talk Shows

Newcastle University, 2014: Ethnoeconomics: The interaction order of business economics.



Maria Vanessa aus der Wieschen

2015 - Summer

University of Southern Denmark

Maria Vanessa aus der Wieschen is a PhD Fellow at the University of Southern Denmark. Her ongoing PhD project “On the Role of Quantity and Quality of Exposure to English inside the Classroom” under the supervision of Søren Wind Eskildsen is part of the larger project “The younger, the better? — A usage-based approach to learning and teaching of English in Danish primary schools.” Her research investigates the educational factors of English as a Foreign Language classes, i.e. the quantity and quality of exposure to English inside the classroom and their influence on young ELF learners’ rate of L2 learning and short-term L2 proficiency, from a multimodal, conversation-analytic perspective.


Hacettepe University Micro-Analysis Network
HUMAN Research Centre
06800, Beytepe, Ankara, TURKEY