Current Research Team

- Dr. Ufuk Balaman: Assistant Professor, English Language Teaching

- Dr. Nilüfer Can Daşkın: Research Assistant,  English Language Teaching

- Devran Demir: Research Assistant,  German Language Teaching

- Nergiz Kardaş İşler: Research Assistant,  Primary Education


Founding Members

Dr. Olcay Sert

Co-founder and Previous Director

Olcay Sert is the founding director of the HUMAN Research Centre. He is the editor of Classroom Discourse (Routledge) and the author of “Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse“, published by Edinburgh University Press.




Dr. Safinaz Büyükgüzel

Co-founder, Previous Vice-Director

Safinaz Büyükgüzel is the founding vice-director of HUMAN Research Centre. She is currently a Research Fellow at University of Southern Denmark.





Dr. Ufuk Balaman

Co-founder, Previous Vice-Director

Ufuk Balaman is an assistant professor of applied linguistics in the department of English Language Teaching, Hacettepe University. He is currently working in the Centre de linguistique appliquée 
Université de Neuchâtel as a postdoctoral researcher.




Dr. Nilüfer Can Daşkın


Nilüfer Can Daşkın has been a member of the executive committee and a researcher since the foundation of HUMAN Research Centre. She is currently a research assistant at the department of English Language Teaching, Hacettepe University. 






Maria Vanessa aus der Wieschen

2015 - Summer

University of Southern Denmark

Maria Vanessa aus der Wieschen is a PhD Fellow at the University of Southern Denmark. Her ongoing PhD project “On the Role of Quantity and Quality of Exposure to English inside the Classroom” under the supervision of Søren Wind Eskildsen is part of the larger project “The younger, the better? — A usage-based approach to learning and teaching of English in Danish primary schools.” Her research investigates the educational factors of English as a Foreign Language classes, i.e. the quantity and quality of exposure to English inside the classroom and their influence on young ELF learners’ rate of L2 learning and short-term L2 proficiency, from a multimodal, conversation-analytic perspective.


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